AV Manpower

Our skilled team of experts has the vision and customer-centered perspective to design and deliver an event AV experience with optimal impact and outstanding results. Our on-site staff is experienced and trained to ensurethat an exceptional AV System performance is delivered. Your AV system performance issues are anticipated, isolated and resolved. While we manage & monitor your AV System for optimum collaboration, you can dedicate your resources to your core objectives.

Key Roles

AV Maintenance

The maintenance of the onsite AV Equipment is vital to achieve the performance quality of your AV System and maintain your asset life. Our maintenance contracts consider factors such as the frequency of usage; kind of atmosphere the equipment is exposed to, the age of the systems, potential equipment failures and system outages. The scheduled maintenance reduces system downtime and loss on revenue opportunities from bearing uncertain system repairs and replacement charges over the years.

AV Material Management

With a passion to invest in top-end inventory, we understand the importance of handling your assets properly. With our material management support, we take the responsibility of transiting your assets with utmost care. We ensure that the AV Equipment is available in optimal quantity at right time and place as per your requirement. Along with this, we make sure to update your inventory of spares and consumables.

Event Technology Advisory

Our AV Manager helps you find the perfect fit of AV solution that suits your event AV needs. . Working as your trusted advisor, he gains insights into your business goals to deliver the practical solutions that help drive your strategy forward.  With our unique insights about the AV industry standards and approach to event planning, our AV Manager enables you to effectively deploy state-of-the-art AV equipment in a robust and integrated environment. We support you every step of the way to help you connect and engage with modern-day audiences.

Event Design Studio

The Design Studio is the state of art in-house facility that provides different production design services. It's a power house of audio visual design support as per customer needs. Ranging from graphic designers and facilities for designing CAD Layouts and 3-D Renders, it houses all the amenities to support a hassle-free design process.

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